Junior Golf Opportunities

I provide kids with an opportunity to receive professional, age appropriate coaching and training in a fun and safe environment. By offering multiple programs for children of all ages and abilities, I enable boys and girls to acquire the necessary fundamentals, skills and confidence to become successful golfers. Some programs are perfect for children that have never played golf while others are designed for anyone who is interested in further developing their skills, becoming top-level junior golfer.

Individual Half-Hour Lessons - $55


Spring Tournament Prep Series

These Clinics will help prepare advanced juniors looking to compete in junior tournaments in the summer by helping learn to deal will the pressure and stress of playing competitive events.  Students will be put into situations they will experience on the golf course and learn how to effectively play different golf shots.  These science proven methods of learning will help golfers become more creative, autonomous, and resilient golfers. 

Clinics will focus on skill development in

  • putting
  • driving
  • wedge control
  • on-course management
  • shot selection
  • the mental game.


PGA Jr League  May - July

PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity for boys and girls to learn and play golf. The program brings family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching from PGA Professionals.

During the course of one PGA Jr. League game, teams play four 9-hole matches in a two-person scramble format, reinforcing the team concept and creating a nurturing environment for learning the game. Coaches can also substitute players every three holes, so that all of the golfers on each team can participate.

Our Season will begin in May and end in July, we will meet once or twice a week and practice and play. 



US Kids After-School Program  March-May

Players will work through the 5 levels of the US Kids Curriculum by learning skills in putting, chipping, bunker play, driving, rules, etiquette, and course management. US Kids Golf coaches use a game-based learning approach to help golfers have fun while learning. Each US Kids Program will include: (6) one hour clinics, 9 hole golf pass on the Blue Course, 10 free buckets of range balls.

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Toftrees Jr Camps  June-August

Toftrees Jr Camps are a FUN first program! Juniors will play games while learning the important skills needed to play golf. This is our introductory instructional program for juniors age 9-14,  your own equipment is required, but may be purchased through the golf shop at a discounted price. Students will be assigned to groups according to skill and age level. Students will be instructed on various skills including; putting, chipping, sand play and full swing. Rules, etiquette and course management will also be addressed.

We will offer four different camps for 2023, each day is 4-hours long:  Programs: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, lunch provided by The Field!


 Tour Name Quality of Competition  Pros Cons
 AJGA  very high  College coaches look closely at these events, JGS ranking,  Very expensive, difficult to enter, golf courses are played at maximum yardages.
 Hurricane Junior Golf  wide range  Offer JGS rankings, they hold a lot of tournaments, older boys divisions have good SOF*, they shorten the course yardages for younger players.  Expensive, younger divisions low SOF, 
 Buckeye Junior Golf  good  Offer 36 events, JGS ranking, several divisions for boys and girls ages 10-19, slightly less expensive than others lower SOF than some tours, newer tour, limited tournament schedule
 Philadelphia PGA Junior  good  Offers both 18 and 36 hole events, JGS ranking (36 holes), multiple divisions for boys and girls, less expensive than others most events are near Philadelphia, 
 GAP Central Series  less  18 holes for $8. offer 5 and 9 hole events for young and less experienced golfers, fun to play in and close to home  low SOF, good to gain experience but not going to attract college coaches attention.
 Ridge Runners  less  18 hole events at local golf courses, some events are held where high school competitions are held, 9 events from Red Tees  low SOF, limited younger divisions 
 US Kids   wide range  offer multiple age divisions with multiple tees, ages 6 to 15, great for beginner golfers  held in Pittsburg or Philadelphia, wide range SOF with complete beginners to very good players.

JGS Ranking: Junior Golf Scoreboard collects scores from larger 36 hole junior events and ranks players Nationally based on their scores. College coaches will use these rankings to help them search for players.

SOF: Strength of Field- this can be good or bad. Players looking to play in college and impress coaches want to play well in events with a high SOF. Less experienced players should look for tournaments with a lower SOF.

Picking The Right Tour: While it is important to compete against players better than you, it is also important to win. Players should play in events that if they play their best, the can win as well as some events that they might finish in the top 20 if they play their best.


Programs listed below are only available from March 15th to October 31st

Individual 1/2 Hour - $45

These lessons will take place at the Penn State Golf Courses and focus on developing the skill of the junior based on their current abilities and goals.  Lessons may include the use of video and or Trackman when necessary.  The student will receive instruction that is individualized their the game and drills and practice stratifies to work on in between lessons. 

Junior Series - $135

Three half hour lessons plus access to online coaching between lessons.  Each student and their parents will be able to use the Coachnow app and receive videos of each lesson, post videos of the junior in between lesson and receive online coaching, practice drills, goal setting and stat tracking sheets to help them stay motivated to improve.



Designed for Junior golfers that have already completed the PGA Sports Academy and looking to develop their golf skills through the US Kids Learning Program. The program has 5 levels of instruction that provides young golfers with a roadmap for success in learning to play golf. As an incentive to advance through all the levels, players earn an achievement pin each time they complete one of the checkpoints. In order to pass each level, players must play nine holes from at least 1,500 yards (the distance of Level 1 Tees on our Family Course.

  • Level 1 - For the golfer that is ready for a more structured learning environment and able to play from the first set of family tees.
  • Level 2 -mixes kid-friendly instruction with on-course play that is suitable for all beginner to intermediate golfers. The forms and skills tests increase in difficulty from Level 1 as the player develops fundamentals in five core areas of golf.
  • Level 3 - The forms and skills tests increase in difficulty from Level 2 as the player develops the fundamentals to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment in the game. The golfer must shoot below a 63 from the Level 2 family tees.
  • Level 4 & 5 - Currently the highest levels in the program, completion of these levels require a golfer be able to shoot under 51 in 9 holes.

Instruction is provided in both weekly small group as well as two individual lessons. This is the best way for your golfer to get ready for the PGA Junior League.

$125 - US Kids Learning Programs includes: 4 small group clinics (you schedule them based on your availability), 2 individual half hour lessons with Steve Wager, a learning program booklet*, and a nine hole greens fee on the Blue Course.




Our week long instructional program is designed for juniors age 6-10, who are looking to learn skills of golf or further their abilities in the game from knowledgeable trained instructors. Using The PGA Sports Academy and US Kids Golf instructional curriculum students will be assigned to groups according to skill and age level. Students will learn golf skills including; putting, chipping, sand play and full swing. nutrition, general motor skill coordination, the rules of golf, etiquette and course management. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch, listen and support their children but it is not necessary. Friday's camp will be on the golf course playing golf, it would be great if you or a designated chaperone to caddie for them. Its a lot of FUN!

*Morning Clinics: 9:00AM 11:00AM
Camp 1:
Camp 2:
Camp 3:

*Each camp has a limited amount of students and will be filled on a first come first serve basis



PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) is designed to better socialize the game for boys and girls, ages 13 and under. PGA JLG features team vs. team competitions in structured leagues that provide a popular, less stressful scramble format as opposed to stroke-play competition. This is a great way to get kids involved in the game! Teams of 8-10 players wear numbered jerseys and compete against other Junior teams from the area.

PGA Junior League Evaluation Day - MAY 

Team practices start the week of June 

Teams will play other matches throughout the season, dates and times will be determined by the individual coaches.



The Elite Junior Coaching Program is for the junior golfer looking to take their game to the next level.  The ECP begins with a New Student Evaluation where we'll look at the juniors current skills, equipment, conduct a physical screening, discuss his or her goals, tournament and practice schedule and develop a plan that will help them reach their goals.

The Elite Junior Coaching Program includes:

  • New Student Assessment
  • Bi-Monthly Individualized Practice Schedules
  • Online Individual Coaching via Edufii
  • Mental Training
  • Tournament Scheduling Assistance
  • Monthly Individual Lessons

$100 monthly Dues  (5 months)     CLICK HERE TO BUY MEMBERSHIP